Terms And Conditions Of Sounds Like A Plan Gaming

By viewing, accessing and/or using our services, you agree to our terms and conditions. If you do not meet our conditions or simply do not agree with them; Log out and do not use our services again.

“Services” refers to any and all items and related services bearing the name "SLAP", "SG", Sounds Like A Plan Gaming, and any combination there in.
“SLAP” refers to our services and/or related items.
“Moderator”, “Mod”, “Owner”, “Co-Owner”, “Admin” and “Staff” refer to all our staff members.
“You”, “Player”, "Visitor", refers to any person in use of our services.
 “TF2″ refers to our Team Fortress 2 Server.
“In Game” refers to all that may happen on our Game Servers.

These Terms and Conditions include:
§1 Your rights as a player/visitor.
§2 Violations relating to misbehavior of the player/visitor.
§3 Additional Minecraft Server Regulations.
§4 Sanctions/penalties for made violations.
§5 Remaining regulations.

§ 1. The player/visitor, has the following rights.
1.1.0. you are allowed to use our services with no intent of malice.
1.2.0. you are allowed to use our non-premium services at no costs.
1.3.0. you are allowed to participate on our forums.
1.4.0. you are allowed to send and receive private messages. (in-game and on the forums)
1.5.0. you are allowed to use our services, excluding the forums, without registering to our website.
1.5.1. use of services without registration does not preclude obligation to the Terms of Services or any rules listed elsewhere.
1.6.0. you are allowed to register to our website.
1.7.0. you are allowed to apply on our forums for the in game (Minecraft) membership status. (This is completely free)
1.7.1 acceptance is not guaranteed, it is provided solely on the discretion of SLAP Gaming
1.8.0. you are allowed to use our service in any way and at any place as long as it is done with no malicious intent or with malicious software.
1.9.0. you are allowed to invite a friend to our community (Tell a friend).
1.9.1. you are allowed to promote our services at your own risk.
1.9.2 your private promotion of any SLAP Gaming related items does not entitle you to any special privilege nor are you acting as a representative of SLAP Gaming. Any claims of such could result in penalty.

§ 2. The following behavior is strictly forbidden and can be punished as specified in §4.
2.1.0. SLAP fully supports the right of free speech, however we prohibit hate speech. Terrorist, violent, exclusionary or similar remarks, posting of images, videos or links based on race, ethnic origin, religion, nationality, disability, gender, age and/or sexual identity will be met with the prompt and permanent ban of any player.
2.1.1 This includes freedom to use profanities but never directly at a player or any group of people who could take offence to such words. This is not free licensee and we prefer to keep all chat family safe. If in doubt keep the server "PG-13"
2.1.2 Unsuitable forms of profanity include any which may be in violation of 2.1.0
2.1.3 In case of doubt staff remains the freedom to decide a form of swearing is unsuitable and may warn you not to use it
2.2.0. spamming and/or flaming.
2.3.0. blackmailing and/or the posting of private information of others etc.
2.4.0. pornographic images, texts, videos or remarks are prohibited.
2.5.0. disrespectful behavior to our staff or members.
2.5.1. harassing staff or members.
2.5.2. not following of any orders given by staff.
2.6.0. advertising for other servers/clans (applicable to all SLAP Gaming sites and affiliated sites.).
2.7.0. linking to content of malicious nature.
2.8.0. exploiting of our software. (forums, website, servers and/or plugins)
2.8.1. (in-game minecraft) AFK’ing near mobspawners will result in the spawner being removed. Any bugs found must be reported to a staff member.
2.9.0. hacking of anything related to SLAP.
2.10.0. Using prohibited software to exploit any game servers ran by SLAP. (e.g. Minecraft: Xray, FlyMod, – TF2: Aimbots, Jump Hacks) 
2.11.0. in game (TF2); cheating.
2.12.0. disrespectful behavior against our users, opponents and Clan members. (you can recognize our members: In game (Minecraft) SLAP members have a yellow [Slap] prefix & In game (Minecraft) SLAP members have the S!ap. prefix.)
2.13.0. Wearing the SLAP clan tag without permission of the clan owner/co-owners.

§3 Additional Minecraft Server Regulations.
3.1.0. “Griefing” is not allowed: Destroying and/or placing unwanted items/blocks NOT owned by the user, pouring lava or water over blocks NOT owned by the user.
3.1.1. Theft of any kind is not tolerated and treated as Griefing.
3.1.2. “Landscape griefing”is not allowed: When gathering resources, e.g. sand, gather in a way to appear natural and maintain an appealing view.
3.1.3. “Griefing trees” is not allowed: leaving trees halfcut-down, in any world, aside from the resource world, is strictly forbidden and will be punished. Tree Griefing will be punished by up to 15 mins in tree jail per halfcut-down tree, up to a maximum of 90 minutes. If the maximum amount time in tree jail is over 90 minutes it may be replaced with a temporary ban or permanent ban.
3.2.0. Building too close to others is prohibited. Village plots are separated by fences.
3.3.0. Client side-modifications are not allowed:
3.3.1. X-ray texture packs and mods are forbidden.
3.3.2. Fly/speed mods/add ons are not allowed.
3.4.0 Abusing in-game perks that have been granted is not allowed – e.g. creative, /fly, /tp & /te
3.5.0. Advertising any other minecraft services is not allowed.
3.6.0. Being ‘AFK’ near a mobspawner block is strictly forbidden.
3.6.1. This includes artificial mob spawners including but not limited to iron farms and dark room spawners.
3.6.2. ‘AFK-ing’ near a spawner will result in the spawner being removed. It does not matter to who the mobspawner belongs.
3.6.3. A player may not stack more than 5 entities on one square block.(this applies to mobspawners made by players and any other breeding mechanic)
3.6.4. A chunk (16x16) may not contain more than 100 entities.
3.7.0. Village rules.
3.7.1. You can recognize a village by a ‘blanket-WorldGuard,’ rightclick the ground with a feather to see if there’s a blanket-WorldGuard in place.
3.7.2. A village contains ‘plots.’ A plot is a fenced off area within the village.
3.7.3. A player is only allowed to have 1 plot per village. A builder is allowed to have 1 village plot max per map. A member is allowed to have 3 village plots max per map. A VIP can have as many plots as he/she likes. with respect to §3.7.3.
3.7.4. A plot with all its contents can be removed by the server admins if you exceed these limitations.
3.7.5. Plots are allowed to be used for houses only. Farms, mobgrinders etc will be removed and the player will not be refunded for the loss.
3.7.6. Certain in game items are prohibited, these include but are not limited to; Lava, Flint&Steel, TNT, TNT minecarts and firecharges. Lava may be used as fuel for furnaces a player may ask for lava to be placed and a staff member may then decide whether or not to place it at the requested location. lava may be placed in the creative world but only if it does not conflict with any of the other Terms Of Service rules
3.7.7. Certain structures are not allowed to be placed or built. Nether portals may not be built. Maps may not be placed into item frames
3.8.0. Cheaters will be punished.
3.8.1. Cheating while playing ingame mini-games (Spleef/Cakedefence/SimplePVP) is not allowed and will be punished.
3.9.0. All actions that give the player an unfair advantage are forbidden.
3.9.1. Logging in or out while a game is playing is not allowed.
3.9.2. Joining a game while it is running is not allowed.
3.10.0 Talking another language in the global chat is not allowed.
3.10.1 For other languages, please use the /msg feature.

§4. Sanctions/penalties for made violations.
4.1.0. repeated violations will result in higher penalties.
4.2.0. the staff members have the right to determine/change your punishment at any time.
4.3.0. All Minecraft Bans are issued Through McBans. To Appeal A Ban Visit: http://forums.slapgaming.com/bans/

§5. Remaining regulations.
5.1.0. SLAP owns the right to end all (or parts of) its services at any time.
5.2.0. SLAP owns the right to change any stated above.
5.3.0. If you are found to break any of the terms stated, your subscriptions and services with SLAP will be removed and you will not receive any refund/compensation.